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Johnny is an emerging sculptor and artist working mainly in marble and local limestones. He also uses plywood, print and drawing to bring his works to life.

He works from his studio in North Yorkshire ​​

Selected works in marble, limestones, plywood and print

About Johnny

In mid-2019 he took an opportunity to leave a corporate role of 24 years.


“Time is precious, when the opportunity arose, I took the opportunity to return to something which since childhood has been a passion”.


The pandemic allowed him to adjust to a solitary life in the studio, conscious in thought and with ample time he was able to practice, refine his skills and develop the confidence to bring his ideas forth.

In 2020 with the re-opening of borders he travelled to Italy where he refined and extended his abilities working in a studio in Pietrasanta. This gave him much needed confidence, to produce work which was his own, developing ideas into sketches through to finished works

He continues to travel Europe on a regular and frequent basis, learning new techniques, meeting new artists, sourcing stone for his work and exploring the myriad of modernist architectural wonders that it has to offer

Johnny has an enduring interest in architecture but “I’m academically challenged” so that career path wasn’t an option. Now fully fulfilled in sculpture, he draws on the richness of architecture, a passionate advocate of Modernism he incorporates these traits within his work  

“these [mid-century] buildings occupy space so defiantly, at times full of juxtapositions, at odds with landscape and man, asymmetrical lines and plains, bold surfaces which end abruptly, edges forming dramatic shadows, these are all elements which I reflect in my own humble way“

“Sometimes I reflect, are my sculptures unconscious designs for structures/machines”

Inspiration for his work comes from mythology but also the future. An anxious future

“Technology evolves at a pace unimaginable a few decades ago. There is a growing sense of uncertainty about humankinds’ ability to literally weather the future storm. I can’t help feel its [the future] an ominously dystopian place. I find these fears materialising in my work, the Beasties and Urban Terrors are slightly dark in tone, impish, maybe but dark nonetheless”.

He works mainly in stone, enjoying the continuity of the material, the sense of permanence but more importantly the rhythm of the act of carving. He uses the stone as a means to an end.

I don’t want the stone to dominate the form. It’s there to be manipulated like any other material, I want it to yield the form I’m imposing upon it. I’m not attracted to presenting stone for its sake, nature is much more accomplished working natural materials 

Carving is peaceful, meditative, slow, its full of solitude which gives time for reflection, it’s work that’s best done outdoors, albeit sometimes constrained by the Yorkshire elements”.

He also works in plywood. This allows for a looser, quicker, creative process, it can be moulded and shaped but still has a uniformity which he likes. Colour can be applied, so often its quite a useful contrast from working in the natural/neutral tones of stone. Often, he’ll try and realise an early idea in plywood before committing to a later variation in stone.

“…though I never work direct from a maquette I always prefer direct carving. Its feels more honest”

When not working in 3d he works in pen, ink, collage combined with found objects and intaglio printing.  

Johnny’s new to exhibiting so it’s early days. His current focus is on building a body of work for future exhibitions, one which truly reflects the visions he wants to articulate.

He is a former student of the Leeds School of Art and Marcia Bennett-Male RSS

Currently exhibiting;

Coles Gallery – Corn Exchange, Leeds –

His work has been exhibited at

  • Onform 2022, Asthall Manor Burford

  • The Sculpture Gallery, Leeds

  • Newby Hall, Ripon

  • The Great Yorkshire Show, Harrogate

  • Blake Exhibition, Leeds Central Square – with thanks to CBRE or +44 7414 144 140 

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