Here's Johnny

Johnny is a former student of the Leeds School of Art and more recently the sculptor Marcia Bennett-Male.


In 2019 he took an opportunity to take up sculpture full time, working primarily in stone. He spent a great deal of time in Italy during 2020 & 21 where he honed his abilities working in a studio in Pietrasanta.


He has had a lifelong interest in architecture. As a child he wanted to be an architect but that was not to be, in his own words “I’m not clever enough to make things stand up”. Wholly fulfilled in what he does today, you will find those same modernist architectural references that sparked his interest at that early age.


He now draws on this to bring subjects to life. He’s currently exploring Greek Mythology. His work is never too serious. It’s quirky, perhaps a little impish

You can see his work on permanent display at The Sculpture Gallery, Leeds 

During June and July his work will also be exhibited at Onform22 - Onform Sculpture